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The CTR Law requires that you survey your employees at least one time within each biennial survey cycle. While your worksite’s specific survey period runs an entire month, it is generally best to survey employees during a single, weeklong period. The survey questions ask respondents about their commute to work “last week,” so avoid conducting your survey the week following a holiday, as it would not be a typical workweek for employees.

At a minimum you need to survey all your employees who meet, or may meet, the definition of a "CTR affected employee."

A CTR affected employee:

  • Works 35 or more hours in a week (Monday through Sunday).
  • Begins work at a single worksite between 6 and 9 AM.
  • Works on two or more weekdays (Monday through Friday) each week.
  • Is in a position intended to last for at least 12 continuous months.

You also have the option to survey the total worksite population. If you have questions about which option makes the most sense for your worksite, please reach out to your Customer Relationship Manager.

You have the option to use our online survey or paper surveys. The online survey is often the best choice for worksites where most employees have access to the internet and a unique email address. It provides easy-to-use tools for you to manage the survey process and the ability to choose from a set library of supplemental questions.

Worksites using the online survey method have the option of choosing from a set library of supplemental questions that may provide additional insight into the effectiveness of their program. Results from these questions will be sent in a separate data file from your regular CTR survey report. These questions must be set up by the ETC in advance of the survey start date.

What Word file or web page is supposed to open when you click on the link?

Yes! To see the tools available to ETCs, you can login to the CTR Program Tools website with these credentials:

  • Login:
  • password: etctest1

Once you log in, click on the CTR Survey tab at the top of the page. If you choose the online survey, you will receive your own login information.

About 45 days before your scheduled survey period, we will send you an official notification of your survey requirement, including a link to a Survey Set-up Form. This form contains the information we need to set up your survey and gives you an opportunity to share any recent changes you made to your transportation program. Once you submit the survey setup form, we’ll get your survey ready to go and reach out to you with the next steps.

In certain cases, a group of employees who would otherwise be affected by the CTR Law may be exempted from a worksite's CTR survey. To qualify, they must fall into one of the following two categories:

  1. Employees who work variable shifts throughout the year. To qualify under this situation the employees must:
    • Work variable shifts during the year, some of which begin between 6 and 9 AM and some of which do not, and
    • Do not rotate from one shift to another with the same group of people. If a significant number rotate with the same group, they still have a consistent pool of potential carpool and vanpool partners.
  2. Employees who are required to drive their own vehicles to work because of the type of work they do or their work schedule. To qualify under this situation the employee must be required to drive a vehicle to work and use it during the workday for work purposes and cannot use the vehicle to carpool or vanpool when commuting. This must be a condition of their hiring and specified in their job description. Employee exemptions must be requested and approved prior to each survey process.

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