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Presentations, summaries, and internal marketing of your Commute Trip Reduction (CTR) program are useful tools that describe your worksite’s commuter program and can help your employees learn about and try alternative commutes. Details covered typically outline available commute options and includes:

  • Name and contact information of your Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC).
  • Commuting resources.
  • Company policies that influence commute choice.

Most King County jurisdictions require, at a minimum, that you distribute information about your CTR program to all employees annually and as part of your new-hire onboarding process. CTR-affected worksites are also required to include a copy of their current CTR program summary when submitting their program report. Some cities have additional requirements, visit our ordinance page to learn more about your jurisdiction’s requirements.

Marketing & communications

Informing your employees of the CTR benefits and goals your company has established can be difficult and time consuming. The benefits are great though and go a long way in helping meet your companies goals and requirements. Contact your King County Commute Trip Reduction coordinator for helpful tips and tactics to market your program.

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  • CTR Employer Program Report

    PowerPoint presentation

  • CTR Surveying Training

    PowerPoint presentation

  • Building your CTR Program

    PowerPoint presentation

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