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Metro and the City of Redmond are working together to bring new transportation services to Education Hill, Bear Creek, Downtown and the Southeast neighborhoods of Redmond. Outreach has concluded on this project. Implementation of any new services in the near term is currently on hold due to budget uncertainties.

Project history

May 2019

We surveyed people who live or travel in these neighborhoods to help us identify local transportation needs. We heard from almost 700 people, providing insight into where people want to travel via transit, and what the current barriers are to using transit.

June 2019

The stakeholder working group met to review the results of this survey and, with these findings in mind, prioritized the top five needs that any new transportation services should address. We will use these priorities to guide the development of potential solutions that our Community Connections program can help provide.

Fall 2019

The stakeholder group met during the summer to review potential mobility solutions, and determine which ones best address the priority needs in Redmond. These solutions were then presented to the community, who had an opportunity to have a say on their preferred concepts.

January 2020

The stakeholder group met one last time and reviewed the results of community outreach on potential solution concepts. The group recommended two solutions for implementation – Community Van and Community Ride.

Our priority needs are transportation solutions that:

  • Respect riders' time in terms of convenience and transfer times.
  • Allow flexible pickup and drop-off to allow more direct access to key local Redmond destinations such as community centers (e.g. Senior Center, Community Center, Teen Center), shopping, medical facilities, parks, recreation, and transportation hubs.
  • Serve off-peak hours (mid-day, evening, weekends) to allow access to events, appointments, and other activities.
  • Provide a variety of vehicle types (motorized or non-motorized) that accommodate varying travel needs, and do not compromise the accessibility needs of others.
  • Are affordable and accommodate short return trips on a single fare.

Have a say

Community involvement

King County Metro and the City of Redmond formed a stakeholder working group for this project. The goal was to improve transportation options in areas that are not well served by fixed-route bus service. Previously Metro and Redmond partnered on a project that resulted in the Redmond LOOP, which came to the end of its two-year pilot at the end of 2018 and was not extended due to low ridership. This group worked to develop replacement options that will better serve the community.

Key stakeholders—including seniors, businesses, and community advocates—participated in the working group. This group helped us increase community awareness and involvement in this project, identify transportation gaps in this area of Redmond, and informed the development of mobility solutions to improve the community’s transportation services.

Contact us

Corey Holder
Transportation Planner
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About Community Connections

Community Connections outreach is part of Metro’s Mobility Division. Metro is committed to becoming a mobility agency that both provides public transportation and combines new travel options. By becoming a mobility agency, Metro is positioned to fulfill our mission: Provide the best possible public transportation services and improve regional mobility and quality of life in King County. Community Connections outreach contributes to this vision by identifying and implementing new and innovative mobility solutions that complement public transit in King County.

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