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King County Metro along with our partners at Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT), Seattle Parks and Recreation, and the Port of Seattle are exploring innovative ways to improve how residents and visitors of Seaview Avenue, Sunset Hill, and Golden Gardens Park get around. Earlier this year, Metro and Seaview/Sunset Hill residents confirmed a set of mobility needs unique to the Seaview Avenue and Sunset Hill communities. These mobility needs are consistent with a survey effort completed last year by a community committee within Seaview/Sunset Hill.

Why Seaview/Sunset Hill Area?

Much of the Seaview Avenue and Sunset Hill area west of 28th Ave NW is outside a quarter-mile walk from the nearest frequent all-day fixed route bus service. Residents and visitors in this area have identified a need for improved mobility options to urban amenities in downtown Ballard, frequent all-day transit, and Golden Gardens Park.

The low population and job density within the Seaview/Sunset Hill area has made it difficult to attract ridership on traditional fixed route bus service here in the past. Previous fixed route services that operated in the Seaview/Sunset Hill area performed below Metro service guideline performance standards, and because of this were canceled in 2012. This Community Connections Project sets out to form strong partnerships and explore concepts that meet community identified mobility needs, become well-utilized services, and last beyond the pilot phase.

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Community involvement

As part of this project, there was a community led effort and survey in 2018 to identify mobility needs within the Seaview/Sunset Hill project area. King County Metro along with a Stakeholder Working Group consisting of Seaview/Sunset Hill residents, and our partners at SDOT, Seattle Parks, and the Port of Seattle are exploring innovative ways for residents and visitors of Seaview Avenue, Sunset Hill, and Golden Gardens Park.

The working group has helped us increase community awareness and involvement in this project, identify transportation needs and gaps in Seattle’s Seaview/Sunset Hill area, and inform the development of mobility solutions to meet the community’s transportation needs.

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About Community Connections

Community Connections outreach is part of Metro’s Mobility Division. Metro is committed to becoming a mobility agency that both provides public transportation and combines new travel options. By becoming a mobility agency, Metro is positioned to fulfill our mission: Provide the best possible public transportation services and improve regional mobility and quality of life in King County. Community Connections outreach contributes to this vision by identifying and implementing new and innovative mobility solutions that complement public transit in King County.

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