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Effective 10-02-21 thru 03-18-22

Vigente del 10-02-21 al 03-18-22

2021 年 10 月 2 日至 2022 年 3 月 18 日有效

2021년 10월 2일부터 2022년 3월 18일까지 유효

Có hiệu lực từ ngày 2/10/2021 đến ngày 18/3/2022

Big changes are coming to bus service in north King County in October. Learn more about how the changes may impact your travel.

North King County route revisions

Get an ORCA card

Don’t pay twice, get an ORCA card

If you pay cash to ride a Metro bus and plan to transfer, your paper transfer is not accepted on Sound Transit services or the Sounder Train and you need to pay separately for that portion of your trip. With an ORCA card you only pay the difference between your two fares when you transfer within two hours.

Get your ORCA card today!

You can purchase an ORCA card in one of the following ways, be sure to check the links for up-to-date hours of operation:

Other travel options


  • Log onto to find a vanpool or carpool match for your commute. Almost 700 vanpools commute to or from north King County.
  • Quickly search for a vanpool going your way and see how vanpool groups are working together to keep everyone safe and healthy in response to COVID!
  • Find other commuters with a similar route to start your own vanpool group. An affordable monthly fare covers all you need – van, gas, insurance, maintenance, emergency ride homes and toll-FREE I-405 Express, Tacoma Narrows Bridge, SR 167 & SR 520 travel!
  • Visit us at to find out more, including how flexible a vanpool can be.
  • Ride in a vanpool for FREE, try it out and receive up to three rides with Ticket-2-Ride.

Link light rail

Learn more about Link light rail and the new service to Northgate Station, Roosevelt Station and U District Station on Sound Transit’s website.

Health and safety guidance

Here’s how to safely and efficiently use Metro:

Wear a mask

Stay home when sick

Sign up for Transit Alerts

Pay with your ORCA card

Always wearing a mask and following other health and safety guidance will keep all of us moving forward together.

Frequently asked questions

Metro is responding to changing travel needs in north King County and integrating bus service with Link light rail, as Sound Transit opens U District Station, Roosevelt Station, and Northgate Station. The October 2021 service change goals are to improve travel for priority populations; equitably inform, engage, and empower current and potential customers traveling in the project area; and deliver improved service that responds to Link light rail expansion and meets customer needs

Read the north King County (North Link) Public Engagement report.

Metro focused on increasing all-day connections to the three new Link light rail stations in the U District, Roosevelt, and Northgate. There are also bus stop and sign improvements around the stations that will make transferring between the two services easier for riders. Information on how to use the stations and transfer will be made available as we get closer to service change on Oct 2.

Information about specific bus stops and schedules will be provided on the Metro service change page in September as it gets closer to the October 2, 2021 service change date. When Metro announces the schedules are available, riders can also find this information by using the Metro Trip Planner. When using the Trip Planner, make sure to enter a date on or after the service change, October 2, 2021.

ORCA cards give you credit for the transit fare you have already paid when you transfer to another route or service within 2 hours. If you pay cash while riding a bus and transfer to the Link light rail you would have to pay full price for your second ride.

ORCA cards can be purchased and reloaded online, by phone, at ticket vending machines and at select retail outlets. Find out more at

For reduced fare programs, call or visit Metro’s Which ORCA fare page.

New routes 16X, 302, 320, and 322 and revised routes 64, and 303 provide peak connections to South Lake Union and First Hill. Routes 5, 15X, 17X, 18X, 28X, 40, 49, 62, 70, D Line, and E Line still provide connections to downtown Seattle as well.

Link light rail will connect riders directly from north Seattle to SeaTac airport.

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