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Metro's all new RapidRide B Line brings a new world of rapid transit to the Eastside. This is Metro's fastest and easiest way to travel, with service so frequent you don't even need a schedule.

We know your time is important and designed RapidRide to help you get the most out of your day. Everything about the B Line is faster — the time you spend traveling on the bus, the time waiting for the bus, and even the time to make connections to other routes. You'll experience unprecedented levels of reliability, comfort and speed that add up to a great way to get around, 7 days a week. Suddenly, everything about Eastside public transportation is better!

The B Line runs between the Bellevue Transit Center and the downtown Redmond Transit Center via Crossroads and Overlake. It is Metro's biggest addition to the Eastside's redesigned transportation network, offering new choices and easy connections that can take you all around the eastside, downtown Seattle and beyond. Enjoy free Wi-FI, real time bus arrival signs, well-lit shelters, and more. Everything is better and everything is faster. Plus, your trips are powered by Metro's integrated intelligence transit systems that speed up travel times, boarding times and provide enhanced customer information.

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RapidRide Features

Reliable service.
Buses come more often and on time.

Better access.
Designing to meet the needs of all of our customers.

High quality experience.
New station features for comfort and convenience.

Connecting communities.
Bringing better service for more people. Connections to transit. Getting people to where they need to go.

Fewer cars on the road.


How to pay your fare

Use an ORCA card

At stations with ORCA card readers, tap your card at the reader and board through any door.

At other stops, enter through the front door of the bus and tap your card, just like a regular Metro bus.

Guidelines for paying off-board on E Line during peak periods (6 – 9 AM and 3 – 6 PM)

Valid transfer

If you have a valid paper transfer (or non-ORCA pass), you also can enter through the two back doors. You don't need to go through the front door.

The paper transfer is your proof of payment. Keep it with you at all times when riding because a fare enforcement officer may ask to see it.

Cash or tickets

Enter through the front door, and pay your fare. If you're paying with cash, please have the exact fare ready; drivers do not carry change.

On RapidRide, the driver will always give you a paper transfer when paying with cash or using tickets. This transfer also acts as your proof of payment so keep it with you in case you need to show it to a fare enforcement officer.

Transit GO app

Open your mobile app and tap your phone at the ORCA card reader

Be prepared for fare inspections

If requested, show the fare enforcement officer your ORCA card or paper transfer for proof of payment. If you do not have proof of payment on RapidRide, you are subject to a citation and fine, RCW 35.58.580.

More about fare enforcement (PDF in English and Español)

Frequent service, always there

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