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RapidRide is expanding in Kirkland and Bellevue

We’re working to bring new RapidRide service to the Eastside, to provide better, more reliable bus service to communities in Kirkland and Bellevue. When it begins service in 2025, RapidRide K Line will serve the fast-growing communities between Totem Lake Transit Center in Kirkland, downtown Bellevue, and Eastgate Park & Ride in Bellevue.

Public transit is an important part of how we will meet the diverse needs and priorities of our rapidly growing region. As the Eastside communities continue to grow and develop, Metro strives to provide and support better, more reliable service to riders.

RapidRide K Line improvements

The K Line will serve the fast-growing communities between Totem Lake in Kirkland and Bellevue. When RapidRide K Line launches in 2025:

  • Buses will come more often and reliably on-time.
  • Metro will add service at night and on weekends.
  • We will upgrade stations with lighting and real-time arrival signs.
  • Better sidewalks, street crossings and pathways will make it easier and safer to get to/from bus stations whether you are walking, rolling or biking.

Why upgrade to RapidRide?

To serve our many riders

As the Eastside continues to grow, Metro’s service in Kirkland and Bellevue will serve both existing and future communities. K Line will ensure that riders have access to better service for years to come.

To improve connections

K Line will connect riders to other major transit routes in the area, such as Sound Transit’s Link light rail Blue Line, I-405 Bus Rapid Transit, and RapidRide B Line.

To enhance customer experience

RapidRide is designed to be consistently fast, reliable, and frequent while including enhanced stations with more amenities such as real-time arrival information, seating, lighting and shelter. The project will also make it safer for people of all abilities to access stations.

Upcoming milestones

  • Needs assessment:
    Metro engages with community members, community-based organizations and stakeholders, and works with partners to develop a preferred alignment.
  • Concept development:
    Based on community input, Metro develops the project concepts and considers station locations and capital improvements.
  • Feedback on concept:
    Community members, stakeholders, and partners give feedback on a draft concept.
  • Recommendations:
    Metro refines design concept and presents final concept to King County Council for adoption.
  • Final Design and Construction:
    Metro builds new stations, sidewalks, and paths, and other elements needed to create a safe, comfortable RapidRide experience.
  • Service launch:
    RapidRide K Line service begins.

Community involvement

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