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Tolt Hill Bridge emergency closure update


The bridge will reopen to noncommercial pickup trucks, passenger vehicles, bikes and pedestrians on Monday, July 17.


On Monday, July 17, the Tolt Hill Bridge will reopen to noncommercial pickup trucks, passenger vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians.

Engineers have completed an in-depth analysis of the loads the bridge can safely carry. They have determined it is safe to allow traffic on the bridge when each vehicle is six tons or less. The bridge will reopen once new signs are posted with the weight limit.

Bridge repairs are still needed, and will likely result in some future closures. More information will be available after design experts determine the best approach to repairs.

We will continue to keep the public updated on the Tolt Hill Bridge Emergency Repairs web page and through our email and text alert system. Future updates will include progress on designing the repairs, the repair schedule, and potential impacts on traffic during construction.

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