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King County Metro seeking community input on future RapidRide K Line in Kirkland and Bellevue


King County Metro is launching an online survey to better understand community needs and priorities for future RapidRide service between Bellevue and Kirkland. Take the survey to Have a Say on where Metro brings more frequent and reliable service.


King County Metro invites Kirkland and Bellevue transit riders and residents to take a survey to tell Metro where they want to see high-quality, frequent, and reliable RapidRide bus service from Kirkland to Bellevue. Metro is looking for specific feedback on route options between Totem Lake, downtown Kirkland, and the South Kirkland Park-and-Ride.

In 2025, Metro plans for RapidRide K Line service to connect eastside riders between communities and to Sound Transit’s Link light rail Blue Line, I-405 Bus Rapid Transit, and the RapidRide B Line. Metro is developing RapidRide K Line service for riders in the fast-growing communities between Totem Lake, downtown Kirkland, downtown Bellevue and Eastgate.

By connecting with Kirkland and Bellevue residents, riders and businesses now, Metro will better understand the community’s needs and priorities for future service. This fall, community input will help us make decisions about:

  • The path RapidRide K Line will travel between Totem Lake, downtown Kirkland, and south Kirkland Park-and-Ride (see maps online).
  • Establishing potential RapidRide K Line route and station locations.
  • Other projects, such as dedicated bus lanes, added crosswalks, and improved roadways that improve bus speed and reliability and enhance safety for all who travel in the area.
  • Additional projects that improve access to transit by making it easier, safer, or more convenient to get to—or wait for—the bus.

How does the community get involved?

  • Take Metro’s survey through Nov. 26.

    As Metro plans for new RapidRide service, we want to know more about how you use transit in the area today, where you travel, and what changes you’d like to see. The survey is available in English and Chinese.

  • Talk with us in your community.

We are hosting information tables around the area this fall where you can ask questions and share feedback. Public events will be posted on the project website as they are scheduled.

  • Visit the project website.

Learn more, view our event calendar, and sign-up to receive email updates at

About King County Metro and RapidRide

King County Metro is creating a world-class, integrated public transportation network with far-reaching and innovative solutions to help build healthy communities, a thriving economy, and a sustainable environment. King County Metro is the region’s mobility leader, operating the nation’s leading vanpool program, water taxi service and operates one of the 10 largest bus systems provided 122.45 million bus rides in 2018.

RapidRide planning began in 2006 and the RapidRide A Line launched in 2010.

Today, Metro operates RapidRide A-F lines across King County, offering frequent and reliable service, efficient ORCA fare payment, unique buses and stations, fast all-door boarding, and on-board Wi-Fi for riders. King County Metro and local cities make investments in the streets, traffic signals, and intersections used by RapidRide to speed the service and make it reliable. RapidRide routes carry about 67,000 rides each weekday—about 70 percent more than the bus routes that served the same areas before the RapidRide lines were launched. RapidRide is up to 20 percent faster, saving an average of about five minutes per trip.