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King County District Court videoconference access

Not all King County District Court hearings are scheduled for videoconference or via telephone. Contact your attorney for available options to attend your scheduled hearing. If you have questions, please call (206) 205-9200.

King County District Court Zoom hearings (video conference and telephone) are limited to participants in the case, including parties, their attorneys, and witnesses. Public observers can attend hearings in person at the designated courtroom.

Location Courtroom Personal Meeting ID
Auburn AU1 431 862 7151
AU2 303 559 1668
Auburn Community Court 839 552 9025
Bellevue BE1 684 088 0287
BE2 752 548 5715
BE3 486 722 4827
Burien BU1 853 605 0801
BU2 251 953 9361
BU3 377 148 5136
BU4 588 807 3107
Issaquah IS1 971 901 9103
IS2 473 001 5668
MRJC 1Q 657 461 4703
1R 260 027 2292
1S 829 791 9184
1T 489 991 6096
1U 875 766 2933
GB 235 720 5407
Redmond RE1 373 694 0051
RE2 367 145 2806
RE3 932 206 0877
RE4 962 187 8833
Redmond Community Court 839 552 9025
Seattle E301 353 994 4983
E312 232 743 1600
E326 759 725 1370
E338 923 197 0004
E341 962 316 3161
Shoreline SH1 372 466 7519
SH2 944 165 3306
SH3 758 708 4711
Shoreline/Kenmore Community Court 839 552 9025
Vashon VA 714 876 9127

Video court tips


  • To appear by video, you will need a device with an internet connection, video camera and microphone (or a headset with microphone)
  • Please check your device at this link prior to the hearing:
  • Be sure that your username for the video (Zoom) hearing is the same as the name on the hearing notice you received from the court
  • Join the video session 15 minutes before the scheduled hearing time: If you arrive late, you will end up waiting longer in the waiting room
  • Keep yourself muted until the court asks you to speak (mute/unmute yourself by clicking on the microphone icon)
  • If you get dropped from the session, please join again; If you are having connection problems, you might want to try joining by telephone
  • If a language interpreter is present, be aware that they might interrupt from time to time to clarify who is speaking

Your environment

  • Make sure that you are in a quiet place; cell phones should be muted, doors to rooms closed and disruptions minimized
  • Do not join the video hearing while in a moving vehicle, as internet connectivity can be adversely impacted
  • Be aware of the area behind you; make sure it is appropriate, as it will be seen by the judge and other people attending the hearing
  • Do not sit directly in front of or behind a window, to minimize glare

Waiting room

  • When you join the session, you will be placed in a waiting room; once the court is ready for you, you will be admitted to the hearing

Entering the hearing

  • If you have not previously clicked on the "Join by Video" button, you can click on "Start Video" in the bottom left corner after joining the meeting so that others can see you; If the "Start Video" icon has a red line through it, no one can see you

Breakout room

  • If two or more participants need to have a private conversation, the judge can send them to their own meeting, then bring them back into the hearing when their conversation is over

Sharing documents with the court

  • The system allows for direct chats with the court clerk and for submitting documents to them in real time

Expectations for court participants

  • Whether joining via video or telephone, behave as you would during an in-person courtroom hearing, including using appropriate language
  • Do not speak over anyone and do not interrupt anyone
  • Any video recording, audio recording, photographing, screenshots or reproduction of the livestream is strictly prohibited