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Chief civil calendar - Superior Court

Learn more about how to find and join your hearings on the chief civil calendar.

There are different procedures for cases based in Seattle or Kent.

Chief Civil Calendar Procedures (Seattle)

These directions are for cases marked "SEA" only.

The Chief Civil Judge will hold the Seattle Chief Civil calendar via Zoom on Thursdays only, at 1:30 p.m. (This includes all matters normally scheduled for oral argument on the Chief Civil calendar such as supplemental proceedings or structured settlements).  *This instruction does not apply to cases with KNT designation to be noted on the RJC Chief Civil Calendar.

Seattle Chief Civil Calendar Zoom Meeting

Join the Seattle Chief Civil Calendar Zoom meeting

Meeting ID: 844 4078 9992

Passcode: 519379

Before the hearing

  • In any case requiring notice, the moving party must give reasonable notice to all parties of the ability to participate by phone. The matter may be stricken or continued for lack of proper notice.
  • Parties are not required to confirm their intention for Zoom appearance for noted hearings.
  • If counsel/party does not timely submit working copies or join the meeting as directed, the matter may be stricken or continued
  • Parties are strongly encouraged to utilize E-Working Copies for submission of pleadings and proposed orders. If you have an updated proposed order within 24 hours of a noted hearing, please email the amended proposed order to

On the day of your hearing

  1. Join the Zoom meeting a few minutes prior to 1:30 pm on Thursday.
  2. When prompted, enter the Meeting ID and, when prompted, enter the Passcode and wait to be admitted into the meeting.
    ALL SCHEDULED CASE PARTIES MAY BE ON THE MEETING (NOT JUST FOR YOUR MATTER). As this is an open court, parties from other cases on the calendar, witnesses, and the general public may also be present in the meeting.
  3. Once you are admitted into the Virtual Zoom Courtroom, wait until your case is called. The bailiff will check parties in and ensure they are properly renamed. Please turn your camera off and mute your device while you wait to reduce background noise. Refrain from speaking other than with court staff or the judicial officer. The bailiff will make sure parties are properly renamed. When your case is called, please turn your camera on and remember this is an open courtroom.
  4. If you experience problems during the hearing, please email the bailiff at:

Chief Civil Calendar Procedures (Kent)

These directions are for cases marked "KNT" only.

Kent – All Chief Civil Calendars are on Fridays

  • Supplemental Proceedings at 9:15AM
  • Unassigned Case Dispositive Motions, Motions for Revision, Certificates of Rehabilitation at 10:30AM
  • This is a rotating calendar in Kent. Call (206) 477-2600 for court assignment. The assigned court can be contacted for call-in phone number and associated pin.