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Commonly used Juvenile Court forms

We have put all the documents you may need before, during and after the process in one place.

You can also learn more in the recent edition of the Juvenile Disposition Manual (345MB) from the Washington State Caseload Forecast Council. 

Please check that files are on one side of the page only and follow the guidelines in General Rule 14.

Forms you may need

Access your Juvenile Court record

You can access your Juvenile Court records online, in person, or by mail.

Seal your Juvenile Court record

You may file a motion asking Juvenile Court to seal your file after criminal charges.

You will also need to request law enforcement agencies, government offices, or private entities to also seal your files they have.

Restore privileges for certain types of offenses


Declaration of Interpreter (115KB)

For attorneys or court professionals

Detention review and arraignment

Note for Motion for Detention Review Based on Changed Circumstances (12KB)

Order Extending Juvenile Court Jurisdiction (69KB)

Order Waiving Arraignment and Setting Case Setting Hearing (50KB)

Order Waiving Mandatory Decline Hearing and Retaining Case in Juvenile Court (67KB)


Motion and Order Continuing Case Setting Hearing and Speedy Trial Waiver (205KB)

Motion, Certification and Order for Change of Judge and Order for Reassignment (170KB)

Note for Calendar (190KB)

Order Continuing Disposition Hearing and Waiving Speedy Trial (71KB)

Order Setting Fact-Finding Hearing (219KB)

Order Setting Resolution (210KB)

Competency to stand trial

Motion to Seal Evaluation Conducted Pursuant to RCW 10.77 - Competency to Stand Trial and Order Establishing Presentation Schedule (218KB)

Order for Pretrial Competency Evaluation by Child Study and Treatment Center (268KB)

Deferred disposition and stipulated orders of continuance

Respondent's Motion for Deferred Disposition (61KB)

Statement of Juvenile for Deferred Disposition (45KB)

Order Modifying Order of Disposition or Order of Deferred Disposition (132KB)

Guilty plea

Auto Crimes - Mandatory Minimum Sentencing (148KB)

Statement of Respondent on Plea of Guilty (186KB)

Appendix L of Plea Form - Felony Firearm Offender Notice of Registration Requirements (145KB)

Attachment A Paragraph 12(c) of Plea Form - Sex/Kidnapping Offender Notice of Registration Requirements (228KB)


Order Continuing Fact-Finding (71KB)

Order and Finding on Failure to Appear (114KB)

Order on Motion (72KB)

Order on Omnibus Hearing (82KB)

Order Revoking Suspended JRA Commitment - SSODA (178KB)

Stipulated Order to Continue Omnibus Hearing (129KB)

Final orders

Notice of Ineligibility to Possess Firearm (131KB)

Notice of Rights on Appeal & Rights Pursuant to RCW 10.73 - English (268KB)

Notice of Rights on Appeal & Rights Pursuant to RCW 10.73 - Spanish (166KB)