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Why you were chosen for jury duty

Learn more about the process and outcomes of receiving a jury duty summons.

How you were chosen

You have the right to a jury of your peers to hear a case. We need you to be on a Superior Court jury for a civil or criminal case to give others that right.

Every year the Administrative Office for the Courts creates a list of names for juror pools. The names come from voter registration, driver’s license, and "identicard" records. You may be called often or never at all because it is random. One or more courts may summon you in the same year or over the course of several years. You should not serve in the Superior Court more than once within 12 months. If you received another (or additional or subsequent) summons, you could request an exemption.

Learn more about jury duty exemptions 

You can only join a jury after receiving a summons. There are currently no laws with provisions for volunteer jurors.

What to expect during jury duty

Compensation for your time

Jurors earn $10 per day of service. We fully reimburse you for your train, light rail, bus, ferry, or water taxi fare. If you drive to the King County Courthouse and park, you will be given a mileage allowance and access to free parking. Checks are sent out every two weeks, so your check may not reflect your entire compensation. Please wait at least two weeks after your last day of service for your final check.

State law (RCW 2.36.165) requires all employers to allow their employees to respond to jury duty summons. However, employers do not have to pay the employee while they are serving on a jury.

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