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Microfiche Case Number Indexes

Some pre-1979 case number indexes are available for viewing below

For cases prior to 1979 there are limited microfiche available to search online. Additional microfiche is available at the King County Superior Court Clerk's office located at 516 Third Avenue, Room E609, Seattle WA 98104.

Minimum information is needed to make your search successful.

  • Case Type (Civil, Criminal, Domestic, General Defendant, General Plaintiff, Name Changes, Probate);
  • Party Names (John Smith, Jane Smith);
  • Approximate year of filing (1932).

Please note that a case may have been filed in a year or more prior to any orders signed. If you were searching for a Domestic (divorce) case and it was finalized in 1968, it may have been filed in 1967 or earlier. Checking multiple years before and after increases your success.

For cases filed July 1979 to present please search the KC Script Portal.

Microfiche Indexes

If you are using Internet Explorer, you may need to download the files in the links below in order to view them. To download a file, right-click on a link and select "save target as". Files should open automatically in all other browsers.