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Historic and Scenic Corridors Project

The Historic and Scenic Corridors Project is a grant-funded project that identifies and preserves our county’s rich transportation history. The project documents the story of over 100 years of road building in the area.

Cedarhurst Road/Westside Highway

Cedarhurst Road/Westside Highway Heritage Corridor offers the most diverse farm, forest, and marine vistas. Dropping down from the island’s crest to the western shore, the route passes through deep cedar forest before breaking into a patchwork of open farmlands.

Location: Vashon Island
Length: 8.2 miles
Begins: Cedarhurst Road at Vashon Highway
Ends: Southwest 220th Street

Dockton Road

Dockton Road Heritage Corridor winds past beaches, farms, and woods. It offers open views across water, as well as direct access to the shoreline. Dockton Road links the small communities of Ellisport, Portage, and Dockton.

Location: Vashon-Maury Island
Length: 4.7 miles
Begins: Chautauqua Beach Road
Ends: 99th Avenue Southwest in Dockton

Green Valley Road

Green Valley Road Heritage Corridor is a classic farm-to-market road and the longest single road in the Corridor system. It features evolving agricultural land-uses, with scenic historic barns dotting the landscape. You can find seasonal farms and produce stands along the road.

Location: Southeast King County
Length: 11.0 miles
Begins: State Route 18 and Southeast Auburn-Black Diamond Road
Ends: State Route 169

More information about Green Valley Road

Issaquah-Fall City Road

Issaquah-Fall City Road Heritage Corridor follows the route of the oldest wagon road into the Snoqualmie Valley, pre-dating the arrival of the railroad. This farm-to-market route has connected Fall City to Issaquah since 1883.  This corridor is also unique as it retains the most intact roadway design elements.

Location: Sammamish Plateau, Snoqualmie Valley
Length: 4.8 miles
Begins: Southeast Duthie Hill Road
Ends: 328th Avenue Southeast in Fall City

More information about Issaquah-Fall City Road

Old Cascade Scenic Highway

The Old Cascade Scenic Highway Heritage Corridor can take you back in time to early 20th century travel in the forested Cascade Range. This corridor includes the remaining sections of the 1914-1925 highway over Stevens Pass. The Old Cascade helps tell the story of the Great Northern Railroad, Stevens Pass Historic District, and logging and mining. It also includes the picturesque town of Skykomish. Today, this corridor is a part of the Stevens Pass Greenway, a National Scenic Byway.

Location: Northeast King County

Length: 13.3 miles

Begins: Stevens Pass Ski Area

Ends: U.S. Highway 2 (Money Creek Bridge)


More information about Old Cascade Scenic Highway

Old Sunset Highway

The Old Sunset Highway Heritage Corridor paints a picture of the evolution of road development in King County. This corridor offers a taste of early 20th century motoring in a rugged mountain environment. It re-traces the remaining sections of the 1915 automobile route over Snoqualmie Pass. The Old Sunset Highway lies within Mountain-to-Sound Greenway, a National Scenic Byway and is partly under the jurisdiction of Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. 

Location: Snoqualmie Pass

Length: 12.8 miles

Begins: Alpental Access Road

Ends: Interstate 90

Osceola Loop

The Osceola Loop Heritage Corridor on historic Porter's Prairie has the oldest road in the system. Osceola Loop showcases both the best and the least developed scenic routes on the Enumclaw Plateau. This corridor provides sweeping views across open dairy and horse farms toward Mount Rainier in the distance. You can also find 2 historic schools and a pickle factory in this former agricultural intersection.

Location: Southeast King County
Length: 11.0 miles
Begins: State Route 18 and Southeast Auburn-Black Diamond Road
Ends: State Route 169

More information about Osceola Loop

West Snoqualmie River Road

Let the Snoqualmie River Road Heritage Corridor take you back to the early 20th century. Back then, the valley seemed miles from the city. This corridor is located in a hidden pocket of the valley, close to the winding river. It offers peaceful ambience and minimal traffic in a lovely, rustic setting. The specialty farms located here also get quite a bit of interest. 

Location: Snoqualmie Valley
Length: 5.8 miles
Begins: Tolt Hill Road
Ends: State Route 202

West Snoqualmie Valley Road/Carnation Farm Road

The Snoqualmie Valley Road Heritage Corridor presents a 12-mile view of the Snoqualmie Valley. This corridor stretches along the western hillside and overlooks the valley floor. Experience pastoral views toward the Cascade Mountains and the iconic Carnation Farms.

Location: Southeast King County

Length: 11.0 miles

Begins: State Route 18 and Southeast Auburn-Black Diamond Road

Ends: State Route 169

Learn more about West Snoqualmie Valley Road/Carnation Farm Road


The Historic and Scenic Corridors Project was a collaboration between the King County Road Services Division, King County Historic Preservation Program, and 4Culture, the County's cultural services agency. Funding was provided through a Federal Transportation Enhancement Program grant administered by the Washington State Department of Transportation. 

Read the final Historic and Scenic Corridors Project report (8.4MB)