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Circle River Ranch Flood Risk Reduction Project

This webpage includes an overview and anticipated schedule of the Circle River Ranch Flood Risk Reduction project. As the project is developed opportunities for public input will be included.

Project overview

The Circle River Ranch neighborhood is located along the right bank of the South Fork Snoqualmie River, just downstream from the City of North Bend.

Flooding and channel migration of the South Fork Snoqualmie River threaten the Circle River Ranch neighborhood. The Circle River Ranch Flood Risk Reduction project will identify and evaluate ways to reduce flooding risk to the neighborhood.

The project was prioritized as a near-term action in the South Fork Snoqualmie River Capital Investment Strategy (CIS). King County started work on the Circle River Ranch Flood Risk Reduction project in October 2018. Project staff studied the existing conditions and put together a variety of alternatives, or options, to reduce flood risks.

In Winter 2021, the FCD selected a preferred alternative. Technical analysis and public feedback informed the FCD’s decision. Please visit the Online Open House for a meeting recording with closed captions.

A summary of the public comments is available

The selected alternative will repair damage to the upstream end of the existing revetment (at approximately 10119 416th Ave SE) through construction of a buried setback revetment, approximately the same length as the damaged area. This will provide erosion protection to the properties downstream from the repair site. King County will also acquire at-risk homes from willing sellers to permanently reduce risks by getting people out of harm’s way.

Construction is anticipated to take place in 2024.

What is a buried revetment?

A revetment is a structure built along a riverbank to prevent erosion. Revetments are usually built with rocks, wood, plants, and other materials. A buried, setback revetment is built in a trench set away from the river’s edge, and then covered with dirt. Native plants are added by the river to improve stability and provide habitat for fish and wildlife.

Project goals

  • Provide erosion protection to properties downstream of the revetment.
  • Reduce long-term costs of flood hazard management.
  • Improve the natural environment through sound and sustainable flood hazard management.
  • Incorporate stakeholder input into the selection of the project alternative.

Project schedule

Community engagement
2019 to 2024
Design and permitting
2022 to 2024
Construction monitoring
2024 to 2029
Site monitoring