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Off-leash dog area

A white dog with black spots runs through a meadow

"Doggy Disneyland", as it is locally dubbed, Marymoor Park is best known for its 40-acre off-leash dog area. This is where dogs can be dogs. Black Labs dogpaddle against Golden Retrievers to see who can get the prize: an old tennis ball thrown by a dog owner into the Sammamish Slough.

This fabulous former farm is less than two miles from the main Microsoft campus. It is a great place to meet old friends and make new friends, both two-legged and four.

Dogs must remain on leash when outside of the boundaries of the designated off-leash area. Dogs are not allowed on fields with active play or on playgrounds.


Daily/Monthly Parking

Purchase parking passes for day use or up to 12 months.

Professional Dog Walker (permit required as of October 3, 2011)

For more information, contact the Marymoor Park Office at or call 206-477-7275.  

2024 Professional Dog Services Concession Permits

In 2022, King County Parks evaluated the process used to issue professional dog services concession permits in the Marymoor Park off-leash dog area. After a decision process that included engagement with stakeholders, including general park users, King County issued eight permits through a lottery system in 2023. For 2024, King County will issue eight permits through a lottery system again. The lottery for qualified applicants will occur on October 18, 2023.

Current permit holders will not be automatically renewed. Current permit holders will have the opportunity to apply for a new permit.

All permit applicants will be entered into a lottery allowing equal opportunity to receive a permit.

Currently there are eight active permits, each valid for one calendar year. Beginning in 2024, a total of eight permits will be issued, each valid for one year.


2024 Permit Applications

Applications were open until October 6, 2023 and are now closed. All qualified applicants will be sent information regarding the lottery happening on October 18, 2024, and the time for the permit lottery drawing.