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Our agency and staff

Headquartered in downtown Seattle, the Wastewater Treatment Division is committed to protecting and improving water quality.

Our agency employs more than 700 people who plan, design, build, and operate treatment facilities. Our employees also enforce regulations to reduce harmful waste discharged to the system, and we educate the public and businesses on ways to protect water quality.

To our agency, success means clean water. It means honoring our legacy while keeping a promise to another generation that our beautiful environment will be there for them to enjoy.

It also means being accountable to our ratepayers and operating a well-managed agency.

Staff contacts

The following list links to the King County online directory, which is maintained by agency administrative staff.

If you need help locating a staff person responsible for a WTD program or service, please contact the WTD receptionist (King Street Center) at 206-477-5371.

WTD Section (group detail) Director or Manager contact (employee detail)
Director’s Office Kamuron Gurol, Division Director (see bio)
Bruce Kessler, Deputy Division Director
Mary Kay Richardson, Chief of Staff
Finance and Administration Courtney Black, Section Manager
Environmental and Community Services Jim Bolger, Section Manager
Resource Recovery Open
Project Planning and Delivery Lisa Taylor, Section Manager
Operations and Maintenance

East Operations
(South Treatment Plant and conveyance system,
including Brightwater, Carnation, and Vashon treatment plants)

West Operations
(West Point Treatment Plant and conveyance system)
Rebecca Singer, Section Manager

South Treatment Plant 
Mike Wohlfert, Assistant Manager
Administration: 206-263-1810
Main Control: 206-263-1760
Odor Control Hotline: 206-263-1760

West Point Treatment Plant
Harold (Tom) Bauer, Assistant Manager
Administration: 206-477-9800
Main Control: 206-263-3801
Odor Control Hotline: 206-263-3801

Brightwater Treatment Plant
Matt Nolan, Assistant Manager
Main Control: 206-263-3800
Odor Control Hotline: 206-263-9500

Vashon Treatment Plant
Main Control: 206-463-7318
Odor Control Hotline: 206-263-1760

Carnation Treatment Plant
Main control at South Treatment Plant,
Renton: 206-263-1760
Odor Control Hotline: 206-263-1760