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Inspections for plumbing and gas piping installations

Learn how to submit a request for an inspection, find an inspector, and view your results.

How to request an inspection

Call the Inspection Request Line: 206-205-0935

All inspection requests for plumbing, gas piping, backflow assemblies, and medical gas piping, must be requested through our Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system. An inspection request for different permits on a project should be requested separately for each permit.

  • A "same day" inspection must be requested before 6 am that day.
  • An inspection request is not a "scheduled inspection". Inspectors will call the morning of the requested day to confirm when the inspection will take place.
    • Inspections are not guaranteed to happen on the day requested.
    • Inspections are not scheduled for a specific time of the day. The assigned inspector may provide a time frame given their assigned inspections.
  • Inspections can be canceled through the IVR when submitted by 5:55 am the day of. If a cancelation is needed after 6 am, inform the inspector when they call or call one of the senior inspectors.
  • Please be sure to answer the callback number between 6:30 am to 8 am.
    • Check for any messages during this time.
    • Make sure the voicemail is active (not full).

Virtual inspections

The Plumbing and Gas piping program is introducing Virtual Inspections for specific types of inspections on a trial basis.

Learn about virtual inspections here.

Off-hour inspections

Inspections may be requested for times that are outside of our normal working hours (6:30 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday; except holidays). To request an off-hour inspection, one of the Senior Inspectors shall be contacted by phone or email. The following process is applied to determine scheduling an off-hour inspection.

  • The request shall be confirmed by a Senior Inspector a minimum of 24 hours prior to the time of inspection.
  • The senior inspector must confirm the availability of a plumbing inspector for the day and time of the off-hour inspection. If an inspector is not available, the request may be denied, or the senior may offer alternate times of when an inspector is available.
    • Call-out fee
      • A minimum 4 hours at overtime rate ($301.50) per hour
        • When an off-hour inspection requires an inspector to report back to the workplace (inclusive of travel and actual time worked)
        • Exception: When the call-out is within 4 hours prior to normal working hours (6:30 am, Monday to Friday), only the actual inspection and travel time will be charged at the overtime rate.