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911 safety for kids

Hey kids! Emery the Emergency Penguin is here to help you learn how, when, and where to call 911.

Are you ready to become a 911 All-Star? Here we go!

Hey Parents! Want to teach your kids about 911? Download Emery’s 911 toolkit below for a lesson plan and activities:

Lesson Plan - This guide for teachers describes everything needed to conduct the lesson.

Activity 1-Matching Responders to Vehicles worksheet

Activity 2-Matching Responders to Emergencies worksheet

Activity 3-Emergency and Not an Emergency game

Activity 4-Dialing Pad 

Activity 5-Role Playing Cards

Activity 6-Emery's Birthday Party Storybook (this book can also be checked out at Seattle and King County libraries)

Activity 7-Emery Puppets

Additional Items: Coloring Book, Information Card for parents