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Development planning and regulations

Code interpretations

Code interpretation is a formal statement regarding the meaning or requirements of a particular provision in the King County Development Regulations. 

Community service area subarea plans

For information on our subarea planning process, explore how we shape King County's future through community-guided visions, goals, and policies. Learn more about how your community's needs directly influence the development of our county's budget.

Executive Recommended 2022 Comprehensive Plan Update

Update to 2016 Comprehensive Plan

Public rules

Public rules implement policies from legislation, such as the King County Code (KCC) adopted by the King County Council. 

Regulatory review committee

Get information on questions raised by or through staff members about the meaning of King County Code provisions and Public Rules relevant to Permitting (except for building and fire codes).

Utilities Technical Review Committee

See how the committee conducts technical reviews and approvals of water and sewer utility plans.