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Passport zone cost estimator

Take a few simple steps to locate your ORCA Business Passport Zone, estimate your program costs and find an expert to assist you.

  1. Find your zone

    To locate your ORCA Business Passport zone on the map, search for the full address of your business (including city, state, and ZIP code).


    Boundary line Boundary line

    Marker Location

  2. Estimate your total cost

    Calculate the estimated annual cost of the ORCA Business Passport program for your organization.

    ORCA Passport calculator

    First select your zone from the dropdown menu. Adjust the employee copay percentage as needed. The results will update automatically as you make changes.

    Note: asterisk (*) indicates required fields.

    Area pricing requires at least 5 employees.


    Total annual cost

    Zone: Make a selection

    Annual cost per employee:

    Card fee per employee:

    Benefits-eligible employees:

    Annual cost subtotal:

    Card fee subtotal:

    Employee copay:

    Total cost for employer:

    The rates are applicable for new customers with a contract start date between March 1, 2024, and August 31, 2024.

    You may be eligible for a lower rate. For more information, please contact us.

    Open price list

    ORCA Business Passport annual cost per employee

    Zone New Customers Renewing Customers
    King County
    Bellevue CBD $165.48 $201.60
    King County Suburbs $267.96 $300.24
    Seattle – Zone A $333.00 $408.36
    Seattle – Zone B $300.96 $367.32
    Seattle – Zone C $304.44 $372.84
    Shoreline & NE KC Suburbs $147.96 $182.16
    Pierce County
    Pierce County Suburbs $82.44 $94.20
    Tacoma/Fife/Lakewood $99.48 $119.76
    Snohomish County
    Suburbs $54.72 $50.40
    Urban $54.72 $62.28
  3. Contact the Passport team

    Contact us for more information or to enroll in ORCA Business Programs.