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Dunn Praises Voters for Reauthorization of the Veterans and Human Services Levy


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Dunn Praises Voters for Reauthorization of the Veterans and Human Services Levy



King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn praised voters for their reauthorization of the Veterans and Human Services Levy in the August primary. The measure is currently passing with over 68% of the vote. Dunn was a co-sponsor of the legislation that placed the levy on the ballot.

"With an unemployment rate of 9.3% and an underemployment rate nearly twice as high, Washington families are still struggling to make ends meet in this weak economy,” Dunn said. “One of the important functions of government is providing a safety net for those who need help caring for their families while looking for work. This levy extension is another example of how our community will pull together during difficult times to make sure the most vulnerable among us don't go hungry or without shelter."

The Veterans and Human Services Levy is the extension of an existing tax that was first authorized by voters in 2005. It funds human service programs and programs that support veterans and their families in King County.

"Ten years into the War on Terror we are seeing the demand for veterans services increase significantly. It is estimated that there will be 2 million veterans coming out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who served in some capacity. I thank the voters for valuing the sacrifice of our returning veterans," Dunn said.

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