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Council adopts ordinance to support local farmers


Metropolitan King County
Council News

Council adopts ordinance to support local farmers


Dunn proposal allows for easier deliveries in agricultural areas


The Metropolitan King County Council today gave its unanimous support to legislation making it easier for farmers to receive deliveries of materials, supplies and equipment within Agricultural Production Districts (APDs). The ordinance will allow farm vehicles such as hay trucks to stop along the side of a road.

“With a growing demand for locally sourced agricultural products we need to ensure that our regulations do not make farming more difficult for our area farmers,” said Councilmember Reagan Dunn, the sponsor of the ordinance. “Local farming is a value that King County embraces and our regulations should reflect these values.”

The new policy will allow commercial farm vehicles to stop on roadways as long as they stop in a safe location, for a period of less than an hour and park as far off the road surface as possible. At all times, drivers of these commercial vehicles are required to leave room for emergency vehicles and at least twenty feet of roadway for two way traffic.

“We are very fortunate to have so many great locally grown agricultural products near our urban areas,” said Dunn. “Farmers in our APDs need to know that we intend to continue to protect the business of farming and I believe this legislation sends a signal that we are listening to their concerns.”

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