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Council adopts legislation that will benefit Green River preservation projects


Metropolitan King County
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Council adopts legislation that will benefit Green River preservation projects


Motion gives funding priority to habitat restoration efforts


The Metropolitan King County Council today unanimously approved a motion to support restoration projects along the Green River in south King County.

“The Green River is too warm and is killing young salmon. We need more trees to shade the river to cool it down so more salmon can survive,” said Councilmember Dave Upthegrove, the prime sponsor of the motion.

“One of the largest threats facing the survival of salmon in the Green River is the temperature of the water,” said Councilmember Reagan Dunn, a cosponsor of the motion. “Prioritizing CFT funding to acquire properties along the river so that shade trees can be planted to cool the river is very important.”

Upthegrove and Dunn represent communities along the Green River corridor.

The adopted motion calls for the panel that approves the allocation of the Conservation Futures Tax (CFT) Levy Fund to give priority consideration to projects along the Green River that focus on preserving and restoring riparian habitat, including large trees.

The Conservation Futures Fund is supported by a countywide property tax, which by state law can only be used to purchase open space or resource lands. Counties and cities are usually the primary applicants for these funds, but citizen groups and individual citizens also receive CFT funding through partnerships with local jurisdictions.

A Citizen Oversight Committee makes recommendations on parcels for purchase through a competitive application process. 

Read more about this legislation on the King County Council’s LEGISEARCH system at  and type in “2015-0064”


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