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County Council acts to protect users on County Trail System


Metropolitan King County
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County Council acts to protect users on County Trail System


October Terror Attack Spurs Action


In October, a terrorist attack on a New York City bike trail claimed the lives of eight people. With Monday’s terrorist attack on a New York subway fresh in their minds, the Metropolitan King County Council unanimously supported a motion sponsored by Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn to improve safety on King County’s extensive regional trail system.

“This legislation is an extra precaution to ensure the safety of our trail users,” said Dunn.

The motion adopted by the Council on December 11, directs the County Executive to evaluate the safety of King County’s 175-mile Regional Trail system with a focus on segments adjacent to roads and assess how trail users would be protected from errant motor vehicles. Results of the assessment will help guide maintenance investments on and near regional trails and, if necessary, guide safety and security investments into planning for the next parks, trails and open space levy.

Dunn’s legislation was inspired by a bipartisan group of members of Congress who introduced legislation to improve the safety of our country’s bike lanes, sidewalks, plazas, and walkways. Their measure would create a grant program to fund the construction of traffic barriers around bike lanes and areas used by cyclists.

In the past year, 37 people in London, Barcelona, Stockholm, and New York City have died after being struck by a vehicle in an act of terror. Many more sustained injuries.
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