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Criminal Tickets

Criminal Tickets

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Always notify the court if your mailing address changes!    

If you would like to receive text message reminder notices for your court dates, fill out the SMS Opt In form and mail to the courthouse location listed on your notice of hearing.


The information contained here is intended to address the most frequently asked questions. It is not comprehensive and should not be construed as legal advice. Those in need of legal advice should consult an attorney.

If you received a yellow/goldenrod copy of a ticket from a police officer, you are charged with the crime(s) described on the other side of the form. You must respond in one of the two ways listed below. Your response will depend on what is printed in the MANDATORY or BAIL box on the front of the form you received.

If a dollar ($) amount appears in the box marked BAIL you do not have to appear in court. Instead, send a check or money order, in U.S. funds, for the full amount to the court listed on the front of the form.

  • You must do this within fifteen (15) days.
  • Be sure to enclose this form.
  • This will close your case.
  • Traffic citations may go on your driving record.

If you would rather appear in court, follow the directions for "Mandatory Appearance Offenses" below.

If the "MANDATORY" box is checked on the front of the form, one of the following options applies:

    If there is a date  in the appearance date box you must appear in court at that date and time.
    If there is a number  in the appearance date box you must appear in court within the number of days indicated.
    If the appearance date box is blank, the court will notify you in writing when to appear. If you do not receive a notice within fifteen (15) days please contact the court immediately.

When you appear, you will be advised of your constitutional rights and the possible penalties if you are convicted. You also may be asked to enter a plea of NOT GUILTY or GUILTY.

If you do not pay or appear as indicated above, this may result in a warrant for your arrest and detention in jail.

NSF Checks will be treated as a failure to respond.

Also, if "traffic" is checked on the front you will lose your driver's license/privilege.

If the RCW listed on the front appears below, please read.

RCW 46.61.502 Driving Under the Influence (DUI) - drive a motor vehicle and either: have a 0.08 breath or blood alcohol content within 2 hours after driving, or be under the influence or affected by liquor, any drug, or a combination of liquor and any drug.

RCW 46.20.342(1) First Degree Driving While Suspended/Revoked (DWLS) - be an habitual traffic offender and drive a motor vehicle while an order of revocation issued under chapter 46.65 RCW prohibiting such operation is in effect.

RCW 46.20.342(2) Second Degree Driving While Suspended/Revoked (DWLS) - drive a motor vehicle while an order of suspension or revocation prohibiting such operation is in effect, and not be eligible to reinstate the license or driving privilege.

RCW 46.20.342(3) Third Degree Driving While Suspended/Revoked (DWLS)-drive a motor vehicle while the license or privilege to drive is suspended or revoked for (1) failure to furnish proof of satisfactory progress in a required alcoholism or drug treatment program; or (2) failure to furnish proof of financial responsibility pursuant to chapter 46.29 RCW; or (3) failure to comply with chapter 46.29 RCW relating to uninsured accidents; or (4) failure to respond to a notice of traffic infraction, failure to appear at a requested hearing, violation of a written promise to appear in court, or failure to comply with the terms of a notice of traffic infraction or citation; or (5) suspension or revocation in another state that would not result in suspension or revocation in this state; or (6) failure to reinstate the driver's license or privilege after suspension or revocation in the second degree; or (7) any combination of the above.

Traffic citations may go on your driving record.