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Meeting information

Washington State
Boundary Review Board For King County



Regular meeting: 7:00 P.M. Thursday, April 13, 2023


The Washington State Boundary Review Board For King County


April 13, 2023



Chair Hank Margeson convened the meeting at 7:03 P.M.


The following members were present:

  • Robert Cook
  • Mary Lynne Evans
  • Marlin Gabbert 
  • Chandler Felt
  • Jay Hamlin
  • Paul MacCready 
  • Hank Margeson 
  • Teresa Platin
  • Cheryl Scheuerman
  • Stephen Toy

Other attendees:  Board Counsel Robert C. Kaufman, Shelby Miklethun, Angelica Velasquez, members of the public


There were no public comments.


Regular Meeting – March 9, 2023  

Chair Margeson presented the minutes of the Regular Meeting of March 9, 2023 for review and action by the members.

Action:  Jay Hamlin moved and Robert Cook seconded the motion to adopt the draft minutes for the Regular Meeting of March 9, 2023.

Board members voted six in favor of approving this record of the Regular Meeting.  Stephen Toy abstained as he was not present. 


A. Chair's Report

Chair Margeson shared norms for hybrid board meetings such as continuing to take turns for speaking and participants on Zoom using the raised hand function to indicate that they would like to speak.

B. Executive Secretary's Report

Ms. Miklethun reported that the King County website update project is stalled and that there has been no new date announced for the transition to the new website format.  She also shared that the election process for the Cities vacancy on the Board is ongoing and that ballots will be counted on May 15.  She added that the Board should be at full capacity for the June meeting.  Next, she stated that the BRB office received a financial estimate for an office move that does not fit with the Board’s budget and that due to cost, the office will not be moving at this time.  Finally, she shared that she and Ms. Velasquez have extended the Quarter 1 voucher deadline so that members who attended the legislative visit to Olympia could include those expenses.  Members and Ms. Miklethun discussed that members should submit vouchers as they may have additional items such as mileage in addition to the monthly meeting stipends.

C. Committee Reports

1. Legislative Committee

Chandler Felt reported that in collaboration with the Washington State Association of Boundary Review Boards Legislative Committee (WSABRBLC,) the Legislative Committee has had a very busy legislative season that included activities such as tracking legislation and working with legislators.  He reported that the committee has been specifically tracking two bills that are important to BRBs: 2SHB 1425 and SHB 1620.  Regarding, SHB 1620, he shared that it has passed the legislature and has been delivered to the Governor for his consideration.  He stated that this bill will reduce the required population thresholds for new city incorporations from 3,000 residents to 1,500 residents and will sunset in five years.  Regarding 2SHB 1425, he reported that this bill will reinstate a sales tax incentive for certain city annexations.  He added that the incentive had spurred annexations in the past but had expired in 2016.  Chandler Felt, Ms. Miklethun and the members discussed that 2SHB 1425 had not been passed by the Senate by the legislative cutoff and appeared to be dead for the time being but could be reintroduced next year.     

Chandler Felt also shared that five representatives of the WSABRBLC, including himself, Mary Lynne Evans and Ms. Miklethun, traveled to Olympia on March 22 and 23 to meet with legislators.  He reported that members of the group met with approximately 30 legislators and legislative assistants and shared information regarding the work of BRBs and discussed the WSABRB Flyer.  Next, he stated that legislators shared their appreciation for the work of BRBs as well as remarking on how this session has had a particularly bipartisan atmosphere.  Finally, Chandler Felt reported a lesson learned for the trip was additional representatives are needed for future visits as the number of meetings per representative was burdensome.


Ms. Miklethun shared that Board was not able to vote on ORPP changes at this meeting as she was not able to get notice of the vote published in the Seattle Times in time.  Chair Margeson and Ms. Miklethun also shared that the Steering Committee plans an additional proposed update to the ORPP in the fall.  Chair Margeson invited members to share any input they may have for that process with the Steering Committee.


A. New File 2415

The Board received a Notices of Intention (2415) submitted by the City of Pacific “Pacific.”  The members received a summary for File No. 2415 in their meeting packets.  Chair Margeson briefed the members on the proposed service area change, Ms. Miklethun shared King County iMap mapping of the area, and the members discussed the file.

Ms. Miklethun relayed that Pacific and the City of Sumner “Sumner” entered into an interlocal agreement wherein Sumner agrees to provide water and sewer service to two parcels in Pacific.  She reported that Pacific and Sumner cited the reasons for this proposed change are that the parcels are being developed into a warehouse and that Pacific would have needed to cross the White River in order to provide water and/or sewer service to the parcels.  She added that Pacific reported that such an extension may have had adverse environmental impacts.  Finally, she shared that Pacific relayed that Sumner is willing and able to provide this service without the need to cross the river. 

The members discussed the NOI in detail and specifically noted that the proposal was both detailed, made sense policy-wise and was a good example of cities working together towards shared goals such as community development. 

B. Masterlist

Ms. Miklethun thanked Jay Hamlin for providing a backup of the Masterlist and reported that she and Ms. Velasquez were working to make content additions to assist other groups that use annexation data.

C. Upcoming Actions/Other Updates

Ms. Miklethun shared that per the Board’s direction to her at its March 9 meeting, she worked with several members to draft follow up questions to the Covington Water District “the District” regarding its NOI for File No. 2414.  She added that King County Council also posed questions to the District regarding the NOI.  She reported that the District updated the NOI and provided a response to the Board’s letter that addressed how the proposed annexation aligns with both the District’s approved Water System Plan as well as the South King County Coordinated Water Systems Plan.  Members did not have additional questions, and Chair Margeson stated that District satisfied the Board’s questions with its response. 


Chair Margeson adjourned the Regular Meeting at 7:46 P.M.  




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