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Meeting information

Washington State
Boundary Review Board For King County



Regular meeting: 7:05 P.M. Thursday, February 9, 2023


The Washington State Boundary Review Board For King County


February 9, 2023



Acting Chair Bob Cook convened the meeting at 7:07 P.M.


The following members were present:

  • Robert Cook
  • Mary Lynne Evans
  • Marlin Gabbert 
  • Jay Hamlin
  • Claudia Hirschey
  • Paul MacCready 
  • Hank Margeson 
  • Cheryl Scheuerman
  • Stephen Toy

Other attendees:  Board Counsel Robert C. Kaufman, Shelby Miklethun, Angelica Velasquez, Karen Freeman Meyering


There were no public comments.


Regular Meeting – January 12, 2023  

Acting Chair Cook presented the minutes of the Regular Meeting of January 12, 2023 for review and action by the members.  Chandler Felt offered an amendment to the draft minutes, changing “wiliness” to “willingness” on page 2.    

Action:  Stephen Toy moved and Jay Hamlin seconded the motion to adopt the minutes as amended for the Regular Meeting of January 12, 2023. 

Board members voted seven in favor of approving this record of the Regular Meeting.  Teresa Platin abstained as she was not a member of the Board at that meeting and was not present. 


A. Acting Chair's Report

Acting Chair Cook deferred his comments to Section VIII of the Agenda regarding meeting structure.  He shared that Chair Margeson has requested that the Steering Committee schedule a meeting. 

B. Executive Secretary's Report

Ms. Miklethun reported that the King County Executive had rescinded his emergency order regarding COVID-19 and that Acting Chair Cook signed an Emergency Declaration for the Board allowing it to meet remotely for February 2023.  She added that a subsequent declaration would need to be issued for the Board to continue to meet remotely after February 28, 2023.  Ms. Miklethun then shared that in consultation with Chair Margeson, she has transitioned to drafting the Board’s minutes in an action-orientated style vs. a narrative style starting with the minutes of the January 12, 2023, meeting.  Next, Ms. Miklethun reported that she had a meeting with a potential candidate for the Board’s vacant position and that the meeting went well.  Finally, Ms. Miklethun shared that she and Angelica Velasquez will be meeting with the County’s finance team regarding the ongoing issues processing vouchers and that she will provide another update at the Board’s March meeting. 

C. Committee Reports

1. Budget Committee

Committee Chair Hamlin reported that the Committee met and that Ms. Miklethun presented the Board’s budget and spending to date for the 2023-2024 biennium.  He shared that Committee members and Ms. Miklethun discussed the budget and specific line items in detail.  He reported that the Committee discussed opportunities and challenges regarding the budget and strategies to address both.  Finally, he reported that the Committee will meet twice yearly, with the next meeting planned for June 2023.     

2. Legislative Committee

Committee Chair Evans reported that she has stepped down as the Chair for the Washington State Association of Boundary Review Boards Legislative Committee (WSABRBLC) but that she will continue to serve as the Board’s Legislative Committee Chair.  She added that Bob Skaggs of the Pierce County Boundary Review Board and Chandler Felt will serve as co-chairs for the WSABRBLC.  She shared that the King County Legislative Committee will not meet independently unless it has issues to discuss outside of the WSABRBLC meetings, but that Cheryl Scheuerman and Marlin Gabbert will be invited to participate in the WSABRBLC.  Next, she shared an overview of the bill evaluation process that the WSABRBLC uses at its weekly meetings during the legislative session, with specific focus on bills SHB 1425 and SHB 1620.

Chandler Felt provided a report as WSABRBLC Co-Chair.  He stated that the WSABRBLC will continue to review bills throughout the legislative session and is planning a legislative visit to Olympia as it has done in years prior to the pandemic. 


Acting Chair Cook led the Board in welcoming Teresa Platin and asked Ms. Miklethun to introduce her.  Ms. Miklethun did so, and then Ms. Platin recapped some of her professional experience working with King County, cities and utilities before her retirement.  Ms. Platin then recited the Board’s Oath of Office.* 


Board Counsel Robert Kaufman presented information to the members regarding the three interlocal agreement methods of annexation: 

  • Unincorporated Island-Interlocal Agreement Method
  • Interlocal Agreement Method (Code Cities)
  • Interlocal Agreement Method for Annexation of Areas Served by Fire District


Members and Ms. Miklethun discussed the future meeting structure of the Board including options such as extending the Board’s emergency declaration, a rotating physical location and/or hybrid meetings with members participating remotely for some meetings but staff participating in-person.  Members generally expressed interest in a quarterly in-person meeting.  Acting Chair Cook stated that the Steering Committee will also discuss this issue at its next meeting. 


There was no new business before the Board.


Acting Chair Cook adjourned the Regular Meeting at 9:03 P.M.


*Oath of Office of the Washington State Boundary Review Board for King County 

I, MEMBER NAME, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Washington, state that I will support the constitution of the United States and the constitution and laws of the State of Washington and that I will perform the duties of the office of member of the Washington State Boundary Review Board for King County to the best of my ability. 



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