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Meeting information

Washington State
Boundary Review Board For King County



Regular meeting: 7:05 P.M. Thursday, March 9, 2023


The Washington State Boundary Review Board For King County


March 9, 2023



Chair Hank Margeson convened the meeting at 7:06 P.M.


The following members were present:

  • Robert Cook
  • Mary Lynne Evans
  • Marlin Gabbert 
  • Chandler Felt
  • Jay Hamlin
  • Paul MacCready 
  • Hank Margeson 
  • Teresa Platin
  • Cheryl Scheuerman
  • Stephen Toy

Other attendees:  Board Counsel Robert C. Kaufman, Shelby Miklethun, Angelica Velasquez


There were no public comments.


Regular Meeting – February 9, 2023  

Chair Margeson presented the minutes of the Regular Meeting of February 9, 2023 for review and action by the members.

Action:  Jay Hamlin moved and Chandler Felt seconded the motion to adopt the draft minutes for the Regular Meeting of February 9, 2023.

Board members voted seven in favor of approving this record of the Regular Meeting.  Chair Margeson abstained as he was not present. 


A. Chair's Report

Chair Margeson shared that the Board will be transitioning to in person meetings.  

B. Executive Secretary's Report

Ms. Miklethun reported that she and Ms. Velasquez had met with the County’s finance team and were able to resolve the technical issues with the processing of voucher payments.  She stated that the checks for outstanding 2022 payments would be mailed March 13, 2023.  She then added that finance team also committed to additional support for the BRB office and also provided a back up alternative method for payments if needed in the future.  Finally, she added that she and Ms. Velasquez can only track attendance at regular meetings and that anything else must be submitted via voucher.  Chandler Felt asked if the delay in payments would affect the Board’s 2023-2024 budget, and Ms. Miklethun replied that it would in amount of approximately $6,000.

Ms. Miklethun then reported that in his annual State of the County address, King County Executive Dow Constantine stated that absent state legislative action regarding property tax increase limits, the County predicts that it will soon be facing a budget shortfall.  She added that the Board should be prepared to be directed to make budget cuts but that she had not received such direction yet from the County’s budget office.  Finally, she stated that she would work with Budget Committee Chair Hamlin and the Committee on anything related to the budget.

Last, Ms. Miklethun reported that the recruitment for the vacant Cities position on the Board continues to move forward and that a candidate has formally submitted application materials.  She stated that the City of Seattle will conduct a ballot process for that candidate.

C. Committee Reports

1. Legislative Committee

Committee Chair Evans reported the Legislature has passed its deadline to consider bills in their houses of origin and provided a general overview of the cutoff calendar.      

Chandler Felt shared that 2SHB 1425 passed the House unanimously and is now in the Senate Local Government, Land Use and Tribal Affairs Committee.  Additionally, he stated that SHB 1620 also passed the House the unanimously is moving along at the Senate Local Government, Land Use and Tribal Affairs Committee.  This bill would allow small communities of at least 1,500 residents to incorporate.  Finally, he provided updates on E2SHB 1110 and E2SHB 1181 which are planning-related bills that the Committee is monitoring.

Chandler Felt than shared he is now the chair of the Washington State Boundary Review Board Legislative Committee (WSABRBLC) due to an issue with co-chairs and the Association’s bylaws.  He added that that several members of WSABRBLC will be going to Olympia on March 22 and 23 to meet with legislators and some of their legislative assistants.  The visit will focus on introducing new legislators to the WSABRB.  Finally, he shared that Cheryl Scheuerman and Marlin Gabbert have joined the WSABRBLC.  


Ms. Miklethun shared that the Steering Committee discussed meeting structure at is meeting on February 22, 2023, and that she had also met with Chair Margeson and Board Counsel Kaufman regarding the issue.  She stated that the Board has been meeting completely remotely based on emergency declarations in February and March but that absent such an emergency order, Board meetings must be open to the public in an in-person format.  She stated that she and several members such as Chair Margeson and Bob Cook have been looking for a meeting space, and that the Newcastle Fire Station currently seems to be the most viable option.  She then shared that the April 13, 2023, meeting will be in person and that she is working on getting the room scheduled with the Bellevue Fire Department.  Bob Cook reported that he had made many calls and inquiries regarding meeting venues and generally found much reduced capacity and increased cost since the pandemic.  Chair Margeson shared that the Steering Committee discussed not wanting solo staff members hosting in person public meetings due to safety concerns and decided to recommend that the Board in person instead.  He added that, ideally, meetings will rotate somewhat geographically throughout the year. 


Steering Committee Chair Bob Cook shared that the Steering Committee considered changes to the ORPP at its February 22 meeting and recommends that the Board move forward with updates to regarding the structure of regular and special meetings.  He added that the Committee chose to defer additional changes to other sections until later in the year.  Ms. Miklethun presented proposed changes to the ORPP, and the members discussed them.  Specific questions and comments addressed: 1) public comment length and position in the meeting agenda; and 2) anonymity in public comment.  Members made edits to the proposed changes and directed Ms. Miklethun to publish the proposed changes and place a vote on the proposed amended ORPP on the agenda for its next meeting.   


The Board received a Notices of Intention (2414) submitted by the Covington Water District “the District.”  The members received a summary for File No. 2414 in their meeting packets.  Ms. Miklethun shared King County iMap mapping of the proposed annexation area and the members discussed the file.

Regarding 2414, Ms. Miklethun relayed that the proposed annexation area is three parcels located in the City of Maple Valley “the City” and that the City owns two of the parcels.  She added that the NOI was prepared for the District by a developer, Integrity Land, LLC, “the Developer” which is working with the owner of the third parcel (a private entity) in the proposed annexation area and the City to develop two of the three parcels into a mixed-use development.  Ms. Miklethun shared that the parcels are already in the Soos Creek Water and Sewer District, but the proposed annexation would also add the parcels to the District for purposes of water service.  Ms. Miklethun reported that the Soos Creek Water and Sewer District has provided a certificate of sewer availability for the parcels.  Members posed several questions regarding the NOI centering on the general lack of specificity.  Members commented on the lack of detail regarding how the proposed annexation areas would be served by the two districts.  The Members directed Ms. Miklethun to work with several members to draft and send a letter to the Developer asking it to clarify the lack of specificity in the NOI regarding the proposed relationship between the District and the Soos Creek Water and Sewer District and regarding the proposed annexation area as well as provide any relevant interlocal agreements. 


Chair Margeson adjourned the Regular Meeting at 8:44 P.M.   




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