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Power outage causes overflow into Lake Washington from East Pine pump station


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Power outage causes overflow into Lake Washington from East Pine pump station


A power outage caused King County Wastewater Treatment Division’s East Pine pump station to experience an overflow in the early morning of Wednesday, Jan. 13.


A mix of stormwater and wastewater overflowed into Lake Washington on Wednesday, Jan. 13, from the East Pine Pump Station from approximately midnight to just after 9 a.m.

Pending closer calculation, as much as 2.2 million gallons of 80% stormwater and 20% sewage may have overflowed. Upon discovery, the pump station was immediately brought back online by King County staff and is currently performing properly. Failure of the communication system that sends alarm notifications, which caused the discovery delay, and generator equipment failure is being investigated.

King County has notified health and regulatory agencies, will monitor water quality and has posted beach closure signs at Madrona Beach warning people to avoid contact with the water over the next several days as a precaution to protect public health.

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About the King County Wastewater Treatment Division
King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division protects public health and enhances the environment by collecting and treating wastewater while recycling valuable resources for the Puget Sound region. The division provides wastewater treatment services to 17 cities, 17 local sewer districts and more than 1.8 million residents across a 420-square-mile area in King, Snohomish and Pierce counties.