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As statewide plastic bag ban begins Oct. 1, customers reminded to keep plastic bags and wrap out of recycling bins


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As statewide plastic bag ban begins Oct. 1, customers reminded to keep plastic bags and wrap out of recycling bins


Washington’s statewide plastic bag ban takes effect Oct. 1, and customers are reminded to reduce recycling contamination by keeping plastic bags and wrap out of recycling bins and taking those materials to drop-off locations or placing them in the garbage.


Washington’s statewide plastic bag ban goes into effect2021_WA-Bag-Ban-Flyer Oct. 1, meaning food service businesses, restaurants, retail, small and temporary vendors, and grocery stores will stop providing single-use plastic carryout bags. Customers are encouraged to bring reusable bags when shopping, or to purchase a paper or reusable bag from the merchant. 

Customers who have accumulated leftover, unwanted, or unneeded plastic bags are reminded plastic bags and wrap are not accepted in curbside recycling carts or bins. These materials can be reused, brought to a drop-off location for remanufacturing, or placed in the garbage for disposal. Drop-off locations can be found by visiting  

“People in King County value environmental stewardship, and we applaud their efforts to keep plastic bags and wrap out of recycling bins since those materials stopped being accepted in 2019,” said Jeff Gaisford, King County Solid Waste Division Recycling and Environmental Services Manager. “The new statewide plastic ban is another important step toward reducing waste and recycling right."

Plastic bags are a source of pollution that threatens human health, wildlife, and the environment. They are also a major contaminant in Washington’s recycling system, clogging sorting machines and putting worker safety at risk. Reducing their use will protect the state’s rivers and streams, help recycling systems run more efficiently, and contribute to a growing culture of waste reduction and reuse. Bringing plastic bags and wrap to a drop-off location keeps the bundled recyclables cleaner and easier to manufacture into new products.

Visit for more information, tools and resources, and a complete listing of compliance requirements for Washington’s statewide ban on single-use plastic bags.

To learn more about the statewide plastic bag ban visit:
To find a plastic bag and wrap drop-off location visit:

Doug Williams, 206-477-4543

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