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Find a hauler

The first step in starting a recycling program is finding a company to collect your recyclables. Many recycling haulers offer commercial service. They are listed in the Yellow Pages and on the What do I do with...? site. You should call several before making a decision.

As a rule, haulers need to collect a minimum quantity of material from the locations they serve in order to make it worth their time. Some haulers specialize in collecting specific types of materials; others collect a wide range of materials. Depending on your needs, you may wish to use one or more haulers.

The following are some questions you might want to ask when selecting a hauler.

The basics

  • What kinds of materials do you collect? Can they be mixed together (commingled), or should they be separated?
  • What are the minimum volume or weight requirements for your collection service?
  • How frequently will you collect the materials?
  • Do you offer free collection?


  • Do you provide a dumpster or other outside collection container? Is there a rental fee?
  • Do you provide indoor desk-side recycling containers? If so, are they labeled with the materials accepted in your collection program?
  • What kinds of contaminants should be avoided?
  • Do you provide signs and other educational materials?

Customer service

  • Can you provide references?
  • Can you provide us with data on how much material we recycle? If so, how frequently would you provide us with this information?

What can you do if the volume of materials your business generates is too small to be considered for an account? Here are some ideas.

  • Find other small businesses that might want to share an account.
  • Ask a larger, nearby business if they would be willing to let you use their recycling containers. Make sure to ask permission and cooperate with their restrictions and limits.
  • Take your recyclable materials to a drop off center. Visit the What do I do with...? site for a list of businesses that accept recyclable materials.
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