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Managing the LEED process for commercial green building certification in King County, WA

Managing the LEED process

U.S. Green Building Council logo Leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED)

Building project teams pursuing LEED certification will have the most success by setting goals early, and establishing a process for managing the administrative needs and coordination of the project team.

Tips for managing LEED projects

  1. Start early: Establish green building goals early in design, which allows project teams to explore innovative concepts from the start. Host an eco-charrette with the project design team, owner, and occupants to identify green strategies and integrate them into the design.
  2. Choose a Champion: Select a team member who will be responsible for communicating LEED documentation requirements to project team members and gathering submittal documentation throughout the design and construction process.
  3. Register the project: Registration with the US. Green Building Council is required for LEED certification and provides the project team with useful resources such as software tools, submittal templates, and credit interpretations.
  4. Submit Documentation Online: Take advantage of online templates and management tools to streamline information gathering and submittal of LEED documentation.

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