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GreenTools for Agriculture & Food Systems - GreenTools for King County Sustainable Cities

GreenTools for agriculture & food system

Sustainability includes agriculture and food systems

Sustainable production and transport of food is a foundation of a sustainable community. Local food networks and urban agriculture are opportunities to create local jobs, optimize land use, achieve multiple sustainability objectives through green infrastructure strategies, and improve public health. King County Cities can lead local food movements by enabling urban farms and gardens, establishing and supporting farmers markets and food security councils, and promoting community supported agriculture through small business development.

In the United States, nearly a third of agricultural output originates within or on the edges of metropolitan areas. Local food networks include private businesses, neighborhood groups, youth programs, projects for seniors, for the homeless, and for people in recovery, all of whom farm some part of the urban habitat. A growing number of educators are also recognizing the potential of school gardens as tools for the teaching of ecology, biology and other sciences as well as the teaching of food production. King County Cities should include local food networks as building blocks of sustainability.

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