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GreenTools for Green Infrastructure – GreenTools for King County Sustainable Cities

GreenTools for green infrastructure

Protect habitat and biodiversity through green infrastructure

Healthy cities prioritize habitat protection and restoration. Green infrastructure refers to a set of integrated strategies to meet municipal environmental goals in cost-effective ways, achieving multiple benefits for any given strategy. For instance, parks and landscaping features can serve as amenities that enhance property values, provide recreation areas, and responsibly manage stormwater. Green infrastructure has emerged as a best practice for stormwater management, significantly reducing capital and maintenance costs associated with construction of stormwater pipes and treatment facilities.

With deliberate, strategic planning, Sustainable Cities can realize the benefits of green infrastructure systems, including increased property tax revenue, reduced burden on public infrastructure, local economic development resulting from in-migration of residents and businesses, increased access to funding sources, and improved public health.

Green infrastructure requires coordinated planning: Cities must be proactive and establish policies that enable and encourage green infrastructure. As with connectivity and transportation infrastructure, green infrastructure is often optimized through public-private partnerships. Cities must work with communities and consider neighborhood-level approaches to infrastructure development or renovation, in order to protect and preserve sensitive ecosystems.

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