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GreenTools for Integrated Water Systems - GreenTools for King County Sustainable Cities

GreenTools for integrated water systems

Sustainable cities plan and build to protect watersheds

Sustainable Cities protect water – our most valuable resource – at every phase of the water cycle. Integrated Water Systems is a phrase that refers to an approach to the built environment that flows from a community commitment to watershed preservation and protection.

Municipal water systems are organized around three major water uses: drinking water, wastewater, and storm water systems. All three systems share a common infrastructure based on watershed geography. Sustainable Cities apply best practices to water systems, including watershed management as a foundation of utility infrastructure planning, and low-impact development (LID) strategies as requirements for site development and redevelopment of the built environment. Green building practices specific to watershed management include treatment of water polluted by the built environment; minimizing potable water consumption for non-potable uses; and, best practices for rainwater harvesting, water reclamation, and decentralized water management strategies to decrease energy intensity of water infrastructure. Most importantly, Sustainable Cities practice cross-jurisdictional collaboration in order to address complete watershed management.

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