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Vision, mission, values, and goals

Vision, mission, values, and goals


An innovative and resilient clean water enterprise revolutionizing the recovery of valuable resources for sustainable communities.


We protect public health and enhance the environment by collecting and treating wastewater while recycling valuable resources for the Puget Sound region.


  • Safety: We protect ourselves and others before all other priorities. Safety is a virtue to be instilled in each of us.
  • Innovation: We foster a creative environment where employees openly and enthusiastically search for new ways to improve our work.
  • Spirit of service: We reliably and equitably deliver exceptional products and services to our customers and communities all day, every day.
  • Empowered teams: We respect, trust, collaborate and communicate—openly embracing problems and conflict as opportunities to create solutions.
  • Communications: We listen to and share with each other timely, accurate, and clear information to ensure effective performance of our work.
  • Cultivate mastery: We provide opportunities to encourage each other to reach our highest level of performance within an inclusive, positive, fun work environment.
  • Financial accountability: We are responsible stewards of public dollars.


  • Stimulate innovation: WTD is an industry leader in developing and implementing new approaches and technologies to wastewater treatment, recycling, energy generation and use, and service delivery.
  • Build a sustainable and resilient future: WTD contributes to the long term viability and health of environmental, social, and economic aspects of our communities. We anticipate, prepare for, and respond to changing conditions.
  • Educate and engage customers: WTD listens to and engages all customers and stakeholders, to develop an increased understanding of and satisfaction with our products, services, and rates.
  • Grow employees: WTD attracts and develops a diverse and highly qualified workforce. We support career satisfaction by providing opportunities for innovation, growth, and excellence in leadership.
  • Advance resource recycling: WTD recycles 100% of wastewater for beneficial use and aligns our infrastructure and assets to enhance and improve the quality, benefit, and economic value of the products.
  • Maximize financial performance: WTD is strategic in our approach to sound financing and we strive to continuously improve the delivery of our services.