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Archive: 2012 Executive Recommended

Archive: 2012 Executive Recommended

Executive Recommended 2012 King County Comprehensive Plan

Table of Contents (PDF 63KB)

Introduction (PDF 549KB)

Chapter 1 - Regional Planning (PDF 255KB)

Map: Land Use 2012 (PDF* 2.3MB)

Chapter 2 - Urban Communities (PDF 604KB)

Map: Interim Potential Annexation Areas 2012  (PDF 3.5MB)
Map: Urban Centers 2012 (PDF 1.4MB)

Chapter 3 - Rural Legacy and Natural Resource Lands (PDF 729KB) 

Map: Agriculture and Forest Lands 2012 (PDF 1.7MB)

Map: Mineral Resources 2012 (PDF1.4MB)
Table: Property Information for the Mineral Resources map (PDF 21KB)

Chapter 4 - Environment (PDF 718KB)

Map: Wildlife Habitat Network and Public Ownership 2012  (PDF 3.2MB)

Chapter 5 - Shoreline Master Program (PDF 651KB)

Visit the Shoreline Master Program Web site to learn more

Chapter 6 - Parks, Open Space and Cultural Resources (PDF 675KB)

Map: King County's Open Space System 2012 (PDF 3.3MB)

Chapter 7 - Transportation (PDF 902KB) 

Chapter 8 - Services, Facilities and Utilities (PDF 906KB)

Chapter 9 - Economic Development (PDF 411KB)

Chapter 10 - Community Plans (PDF 309KB)

Chapter 11 - Implementation (PDF 138KB)

Zoning and Land Use Amendments

(PDF* (78 MB)

Technical Appendices

Proposed Adopting Ordinance

(PDF 234KB)

Proposed Code Amendments

 (PDF 917KB)