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King County Comprehensive Plan: Year 2012 docket summary

King County Comprehensive Plan: Year 2012 docket summary

King County received four items on the docket that closed on June 30, 2012. Following is a summary of the major issues raised by these docket requests:

  • Change the zoning of a property within the Town of Vashon from Urban Residential, medium density, twelve homes per acre, to Neighborhood Business;
  • Remove property from the West Hill pedestrian-oriented Special District Overlay (SDO) or to amend the King County Code to exempt this property from the SDO;
  • Change the land use designation of property from Urban Residential, low density, one home per acre to Urban Residential, medium density, four to twelve homes per acre or to remove an existing “P”- suffix condition of development approval that requires lot clustering; and
  • Remove property from Wetland Management Special District Overlay (SDO). 

Organization of report

The King County Code requires a docket report to include an alphabetical list of the docketed items and a chart of the docketed items including a brief summary of the request, the 2012 Council District where the property is located, and the corresponding Executive recommendation. A copy of the Executive response letter is also attached as part of this report.

2012 Docket alphabetical index

Last Name First Name Council District Docket #
Amiad Emma 8 1
Costich Lawrence 2 2
Dobrowolski Dennis and Deborah 9 4
Timmerman Joel 3 3

2012 Docket Summary

Docket # Docket Item Council District Recommendation
 1 Emma Amiad 8

A proposal to change the zoning from residential to commercial for a property within the Town of Vashon.

The King County Comprehensive Plan (KCCP), chapter 11, includes a chart showing the allowed zoning classifications for each land use designation.  The Rural Town land use designation for the subject property allows both the existing residential and the requested commercial zone.

The applicant was informed that no amendment to the KCCP land use map was required so the property owner could submit a rezone to be considered through the Hearing Examiner process.  Because of the cost of a rezone, the applicant chose to pursue the zone change via the docket process to be considered as part of a future KCCP update.

Recommendation:  Continue to advise the applicant to submit a rezone application.

2 Lawrence Costich 9

A proposal to remove property from the West Hill pedestrian-oriented Special District Overlay (SDO). 

The subject property is the site of a vacant shopping center that includes a vacant grocery store.  The site is further complicated by the presence of a power line easement that crosses the parking lot.  In short, the applicant asks for removal of the SDO requirement to allow the commercial uses to be placed in the rear of the site with parking in front.  The SDO calls for commercial development to be oriented to the street frontage with parking behind the buildings.

The applicant makes a good argument that redevelopment of the abandoned grocery store and the eventual full redevelopment of this site will result in a benefit to the West Hill community.

Recommendation:  Agree to initiate a subarea plan in 2013 to determine whether or not the existing SDO is serving the intended purpose and is in the best interest of the West Hill community.

3 Joel Timmerman


A proposal to change the land use designation of parcel 2625069041 from Urban Residential, low density, one home per acre to Urban Residential, medium density, four to twelve homes per acre.

The applicant also objects to development condition ES-P20, which requires lot clustering with at least 50% of the site to remain in permanent open space.  If the allowed land use cannot be increased, the applicant would like the mandatory lot clustering provision to be removed.

While this property and other nearby properties are not recognized by the Countywide Planning Policies an part of a designated Urban Separator, the existing land use designation and development conditions established by the East Sammamish Community Plan and carried forward under the Growth Management Act by the KCCP for these properties are consistent with an Urban separator designation. 

This property is within the Potential Annexation Area of the City of Sammamish.  The applicant has been encouraged to work with the city on annexation and the future land use and zoning designation.

Recommendation:  Do not support; continue to encourage the applicant to work with the City of Sammamish on annexation and future land use.

4 Dennis and Deborah Dobrowolski


A proposal to remove parcel 3623059013 from Special District Overlay SO-180, Wetland Management Area.

The applicant claims the adjacent parcel was removed from this SDO by the council when they approved a recent subdivision.

Recommendation: Do not support. Research indicates the council modified some provisions of SDO-180 for the adjacent property based on detailed review and specific findings for that property. No evidence has been submitted to indicate SDO-180 should be modified for the subject property

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