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Violence prevention

Violence prevention

Violence is a major public health problem in the United States, accounting for approximately 51,000 deaths annually. Most intentional injuries and deaths are caused through suicide, homicide, or assault; domestic abuse accounts for a substantial number of these methods.

Domestic violence

Gun violence

Human trafficking

Suicide prevention

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In the United States...suicide claimed 44,193 lives in 2015 and homicide claimed 18,323 lives – accounting for 30% of all injury-related deaths in the US.  
CDC Violence and Injury Prevention, Injury Data Reports, 2017

In Washington...approximately 30% (1,208) of injury deaths were the result of homicide or suicide in 2013. Suicide claimed the lives of 1,008 people; homicide claimed the lives of 200.  
Washington Department of Health, Injury Data Tables by Age, 2017

In King County...32% (304) of injury deaths were due to homicide or suicide in 2013; during this same period, assault and attempted suicide accounted for 1,190 non-fatal injury hospitalizations, 9% of all non-fatal injury hospitalizations in King County. 
Washington Department of Health, Injury Data Tables by Age, 2017