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Office of the CIO

About KCIT

KCIT offers innovative solutions that engage, empower, and serve our residents, businesses, communities and interested stakeholders. We are building vibrant communities through digital equity, and are using the power of technology to digitally transform King County. 

Customers are KCIT’s priority. We provide user-friendly digital systems and data-driven platforms that promote mobility and civic engagement in support of King County’s mission to be a best-run government where all people can thrive.

KCIT is home to an inclusive and diverse team of talented technologists who are working with regional and private sector partners to roll out innovative solutions that solve business problems. By leveraging the latest technology in artificial intelligence, mixed and virtual reality, natural language processing, geo-spatial data, and more, KCIT is helping make King County a better place to live, work and play.



CIO Megan K. Clarke

Our Strategy

King County Information Technology services.

King County Information Technology