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About the Communications Center

About the Communications Center


Any call to 911 in King County is routed to the appropriate PSAP, Public Safety Answering Point.  The King County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center is one of 12 of these PSAP’s in the county, handling unincorporated King County, twelve contract cites, the Muckleshoot Reservation, the King County Airport and Metro and Sound Transit Police.



What Communications Specialists Do

Each call to KCSO Communications is answered by a trained Call Receiver who interviews the reporting party to determine response.

If a deputy needs to be sent, the Call Receiver enters an Event into our CAD (computer aided dispatch) system, which is then routed to a Dispatcher.  The Dispatcher radios the information to the officer, including any updates.

If the call does not require a deputy response, the reporting party may be sent to a non-emergency operator to determine what assistance we can provide or sent to our online reporting website.