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Trip Planner General Information

Trip Planner

Making it easier to ride transit

Get your trip plan into gear

In Trip Planning mode select the gear icon to edit time, date, walking distance and more.

Improved address and location recognition

The search functionality is enhanced for improved recognition of addresses, locations and landmarks.

Next departure and schedule lookup

View real time next departure predictions at stops, or access scheduled timetable information.

Tracker integration

Tracker is now integrated, allowing quick access to map views of real time vehicle locations.

Point-to-point functionality

View a list of direct transit trips operating between two points within a specified time window.

Easy access to alerts

View associated alerts in trip itineraries, stop displays and route information.

View nearby stops and passing routes

See stops closest to your current location and identify the paths of nearby transit service.

We want your feedback

Once you’ve tried the new Trip Planner please give us feedback about your experience.

We're here to help

Call Metro’s Customer Information line at 206-553-3000 on weekdays from 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM for assistance with stop IDs and transit information.

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