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2016 Exporting Small Business of the Year

2016 Exporting Small Business of the Year

KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn - Exporting Small Business of the Year Winner

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KuKuRuZa is pronounced just like it looks. “Ku-Ku-Ru-Za”. Kind of fun to say isn't it? In case you were wondering, "kukuruza" is Russian for corn. This small business likes trying new things. New exotic ingredients, new flavor combinations, and new twists on classic recipes. The passion for new taste experiences is what gave birth to KuKuRuZa in 2004. It began with small batches over the owner’s home kitchen range. Then, it was specialty popcorn equipment in their garage, and finally the owners moved into their first retail shop. KuKuRuZa likes to think that they have been pushing the culinary envelope of popcorn ever since that time. Today, KuKuRuZa offers its Seattle popcorn creations in 14 locations that include Seattle, Tokyo, Osaka, Taipei, Cairo, and Riyadh. And, of course you can order online, but the owners hope that you will also take visit their store the next time you find yourself in one of these citites.


Exporting-Winner Jesse Jones, KIRO TV, Suzanne Dale Estey, Economic Development Council, presented Exporting Small Business of the Year award to Grant Jones & Claire Mueler with King County Executive Dow Constantine


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King County Executive
Dow Constantine
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