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Small-flowered jewelweed identification and control: Impatiens parviflora

Small-flowered jewelweed identification and control

Impatiens parviflora, Balsaminaceae


Small-flowered jewelweed is generally about one to two feet tall, although height varies depending on growing conditions. Flowers are small, pale yellow with red spots inside, tubular with a short, straight spur. Plants are glabrous (not hairy) or with sparse stalked glands on upper plant parts. Leaves are toothed on the edges, simple, ovate and alternate.

Small-flowered jewelweed is an annual from Europe that can invade and adapt to a variety of habitats. Plants can grow well under low light conditions as well as tolerate lower moisture conditions. This species is able to dominate the herb layer of invaded forests, forming large, monospecific stands, displacing native species. Small-flowered jewelweed may have some allelopathic effects; results have been found in lab studies but it is unknown how these results relate to natural conditions. Plant spreads by seeds that burst out of seed pods when touched, similar to other “touch-me-not” species.

It is a Class A noxious weed and eradication is required throughout Washington including King County. It can be easily pulled but will regrow if the root remains in the soil or if stems are left on the ground.

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