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Staying safe online

Take steps to keep yourself safe online while seeking protection or safety.
Our Tech Safety Checklist video takes you through 3 important things to know before using our website:

More tips

Internet usage can be monitored and is impossible to erase completely. Here are a few actions you can take to protection yourself:

Don't use a shared computer, phone, or tablet

Safe computers can be found at your local library, Internet cafe, shelter, workplace, or computer technology center. Avoid using shared computers when researching things like travel plans, housing options, legal issues, and safety plans. 

Create a secure email

Does the person you are seeking protection from have access to your email or passwords? Consider creating a new email address unique for this case before beginning your petition.

Try to remove your online trail

Consider clearing the cache and cookies on your browser and deleting any downloaded documents after you're done.

Learn how to remove your online history

Computers store information about the websites you visit. That means bills you pay and purchases you make are tracked, and messages or emails can be retrieved. You should always consider that a computer might be monitored when you use it and be careful with what you send others or post.

Help prevent abusive partners from tracking your online history by using safe browsing practices (like a VPN)