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Here are the steps to follow to log into SharePoint Online:

  1. Open your browser (recommended: Internet Explorer 9 or above).
  2. Go to
  3. Check the "Keep me signed in" (this will reduce having to login again and again)
  4. Type your King County email address followed by ""
  5. Click “Sign in."


  6. Either you'll be in SharePoint immediately, or you'll see a Windows Security screen, which will look something like this depending on your browser (If you are logging in from home or another external location and receive a different screen, then skip ahead to Step 8):

  7. Add your network username and password, check the “Remember my credentials” box and click “OK”. You may need to precede your username with "kc\" in some instances.
    1. Some departments may require the "kc" to be replaced with a different domain.
      • DNRP will replace “kc” with “dnrp”
      • DOT will replace “kc” with “dot”
      • Public Health will replace “kc” with “ph”
      • Prosecuting Attorney will replace “kc” with “kcpao”
      • District Court, Judicial Administration, and Superior Court will replace “kc” with “ct”
      • Sheriff will replace “kc” with “kcso” or “kcra”
      • Note: If you are not sure which of which domain to use contact a SharePoint site owner, collection administrator, or LAN-Admin in your department, or contact the IT Service Center at
    2. Skip to Step 10 after completing this step.
  8. If you are logging in from home or another external location you’ll see a web page that will display the email address that was entered on the previous screen.

  9. All users except users from the Sheriff’s Office (KCSO and KCRA domains) can leave their email address in the username field or replace it with their network user name. Users from the KCSO and KCRA domains must replace the email address with their network username and password that is used to log into their work computer (ie “kcso\” or “kcra\”)
  10. This should get you into SharePoint Central (look for “SP Central”).
  11. Got problems? Check back in with the IT Service Center, 206-263-HELP, or