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The Lobbyist Disclosure Code (KCC 1.07) promotes the full disclosure of lobbyists and lobbyists’ employers in order to protect the openness and integrity of the legislative process.

A lobbyist is broadly defined as any person who is employed, appointed or retained to influence legislators through direct communication. Employed lobbyists and those who hire lobbyists in an attempt to influence the actions of the Metropolitan King County Council and King County executive are required by the King County Code to provide the following information to the Department of Executive Services (DES):

  • Lobbyist registration statement
  • Report of lobbying expenditures
  • Lobbyist compensation
  • Subject(s) of lobbying interest

Complaints alleging a violation of the lobbyist disclosure code are made to the Ombuds. Upon receipt of a complaint we serve a copy to the respondent. If after a preliminary review we determine that the complaint is unfounded, then we dismiss the complaint. We open an investigation if we determine that additional examination is warranted. Written results of the investigation include a finding as to whether there is reasonable cause to believe a violation has occurred. Respondents may be fined $1,000 per violation up to a total of $2,500, and may appeal our findings to the Hearing Examiner.

Please contact us with any questions concerning the lobbyist disclosure policy or if you believe that a lobbyist has violated the lobbyist disclosure code.

King County Lobbyist Disclosure Code (KCC 1.07)

Department of Executive Services’ Lobbyist Registration Page

Lobbyist Disclosure Complaint Form (PDF)