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Have a beaver pond and want to know what to do? Check out our Decision Flow Chart.

Want to know what possible solutions are available to help with beaver-related issues? Our solutions matrix provides a summary.


WDFW Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA)

King County Clearing and Grading Permits

Technical Assistance

Beavers Northwest, a non-profit based out of the King-Snohomish county area of Washington State. They specialize in providing technical advice to property owners who are experiencing beaver conflicts.

Beaver Solutions, a non-profit based out of Massachusetts. They provide technical and financial assistance to public and private landowners experiencing beaver conflicts.

Beaver Management Devices

Below are links to various types of hydraulic solutions to beaver flooding.

The Flexible Leveler. A description of one type of hydraulic solution that is inexpensive and generally works well.

Pond leveler construction description, by Beavers Northwest. 

Beaver Stop®, prevents the obstruction of the culvert inlet and allows water to flow freely through the pipe.

The Use of Water Flow Devices in Addressing Flooding Problems Caused by Beaver in Massachusetts by Massachusetts Department of Fisheries & Wildlife.

The Clemson Beaver Pond Leveler, developed at Clemson University with two goals: the need to suppress the problem of flooding agricultural and timber lands and to maintain or improve some of the benefits derived from beaver ponds.

Managing Nuisance Beavers Along Roadsides; a Guide for Highway Departments by Cornell University's Department of Natural Resources and the Division of Fish, Wildlife, and Marine Resources, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Building a Beaver Deceiver. Photo-documentation of the process of installing "beaver deceivers" at Peterson Pond in King County; includes materials list.

WDFW Living with Beavers, includes designs for culvert fencing and pond levelers.

Flexible leveler kit, by Beaver Solutions.

Washington Hunting and Trapping

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Small Game & Trapping information, including links to seasons and rules

WDFW list of Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators in Washington

WDFW information on hiring a Wildlife Control Operator

King County Technical Papers

Beaver Management Technical Paper #1: Beaver Management Tools Literature Review and Guidance

Beaver Management Technical Paper #2: Current Laws, Policies, and Practices

Selected Articles from the Web

National Wildlife Federation: Beavers, Water, and Fire—A New Formula for Success

National Wildlife Federation: Beavers as Ecopartners 

Colorado Sierra Club: Water storage and the American Beaver – A solution to Colorado’s aquatic resources challenges

Beavers in the News

Center for Humans and Nature, December 11, 2018: In Praise of Urban Beavers

The Atlantic, December 4, 2018: The Re-beavering of the American West 

Kitsap Sun, December 3, 2018: Busy beavers create salmon habitat in Kitsap 

KUOW, December 17, 2018: This story will make you a Beaver Believer, Bill Radke interview Ben Goldfarb

Crosscut, November 28, 2018: To fix salmon streams, leave it to beaver

Biographic, November 22, 2018: They will build it (a story map written by Ben Goldfarb)

NPR Weekend Edition, June 24, 2018: The Bountiful Benefits of Beavers (by Luke Runyon, including interview with Ben Goldfarb)

High Country News, February 20, 2018: In Oregon, a peculiar case for protecting the beaver 

Herald Net, Everett Washington, May 9, 2017: Troublesome dams in Mill Creek fixed by the ‘beaver deceiver’